Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I don't understand why I am so interested to know and to share something related to fitness and healthy lifestyle even though my life wasn't that healthy I guess.

I keep reading and seeking for lots of interesting information regarding health and guess what I found?

Websites, online magazines, workout routines, tips and many more. For the people yang nak turun berat badan, nak turun cholesterol level, nak punggung lentik, nak dada bidang, here are what you have been looking for hahaha jom terjah!

Kevin Zahri's instagram. He's eager to share many workout routines and tips on what you could do in order to lose weigh and keep healthy. 

This one is Kevin's website where he shares so many success stories of his followers. Banyak sangat and it is so inspiring. Jemput tengok this one also.

Kat sini lagi banyak information. Nampak ke idok? Fitness for the first. Banyak lagi so u can check them out by yourself di sini Women's Health  

                                                                      Jillian's sini 

Or the last thing you can do is google. Kau google je ape saja. Workout for flabby                        arms? Workout for belly fat? Workout for everything you may ask Google.

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Syaza Syafeeqah said...

Pergh... kalau ikut yang jillian mmg x boleh nak hidup...
Sama arr kita, suka tgk fitness2 ni, tapi x buat pun. wakakaka